Fanclub in Blacklisted

Some words of our work and process(es) – read the article here and make sure to check out more of the Blacklisted articles and covered events! ♥ Fanclub


Fanclub in Utflukt

We just got the good news that our collective-writing ‘Partners in Crime’ is part of the Norwegian journal ‘Utflukt’ – an idealist driven magazine with a broad orientation towards culture, literature and social issues. Two issues in a row the focus has been on exploring collectivity as human fellowship, ideological principle, community organisational  tool, cultural expression and (new) economic reality. It’s an honor.


If in Oslo go and visit the release party on Thursday and give them all a hug from us.

Take care out there
♥ Fanclub

‘Partners in Crime’ was originally presented as part of the RISK’s Shared Blog

Fanclub ♥ Inspiration Room

Fanclub has been invited by Bora Bora in Aarhus to be a part of their new initiative “Inspiration Room” – a research platform that offers four invited Danish artists the time and space to focus on artistic development and fine-tuning. 

During the two following weeks we will be in residency, first at Bora Bora and then at Vestjyllands højskole, taking the time to dig deep into our collective persona, detecting and (re-)shaping our collective ways. We have invited the dramaturge Paula Caspao as well as the dance-guru Anna Grip to visit and take part in our work and we look forward to see what these two meetings will bring..

Big thanks and thumbs up for this great and generous initiative by Bora Bora!
♥ Fanclub


Fanclub ♥ Rügen


Last weekend we were on Rügen, an island in the north of Germany, performing in the beautiful Schlosspark Pansevitz. Fanclub was invited by Isabel Lewis to take part in the work ‘The Occasion of a Weekend’ and together we spent some magical days with transending encounters, movements and thoughts…

Every second summer an artist is invited to present their work in these grand surroundings, this year curated by Camilla v. d. Bussche and Elise v. Bernstorff. Good people, great art and beautiful nature – go there!

This guest appearance was the starting point of a project collaboration between Fanclub and Isabel Lewis. We’ve been in Berlin this week to initiate the collective work that will be developed and presented in a series of events in the beginning of 2016. So very exciting!

Fanclub ♥ from Berlin

Fanclub ♥ Amplifying

Let the performance of the everyday appear


Klara Elenius, the fifth and now former member of Fanclub, have just finished a Master of Fine Art, “New Performative Practises” at DOCH in Stockholm. Amplifying is Klara’s graduation piece, an observational practice that applies a performative gaze on a public space, in this case Sergel’s square in Stockholm. Through a number of tasks she triggers your observation in order to reveal the ongoing performance that surrounds us every day – if only we take the time to see it. So if in Stockholm, download the audiowalk and/or map+tasks and go discover your own unique choreography of the ordinary…

For more information and to download a guide visit

Congratulations Klara and thank you for sharing your work with the world!
♥ Fanclub

Fanclub ♥ HAUT

A venue, a bar, a gallery 

There is a new place in town! On the top floor of Huset i Magstræde the old black box have come to new life. The collective behind HAUT consists of young and ambitious theatre people, connected by their wish to promote Danish and international free stage art groups. They offer residencies (“in exile” periods), co-productions and invite artists from across the art fields to be part of their vision of a vivid and creative art community. The season is set continiously keeping the programme fluid and up-to-date, and you can apply for a collaboration with HAUT at any time – they go through the applications every month.

This week Fanclub visit HAUT for a period of exile – come see what we are up to this Saturday 27 Sep at 7.30 pm. Free admission.

See you then and there – the bar opens an hour before the showing, so come have a beer and check out the fine space of HAUT!
♥ Fanclub

Fanclub ♥ Ida-Elisabeth Larsen

A special friend of Fanclub
IMG_3696We have had the pleasure to work with, hang out with, discuss and travel with Ida during the DEATH tour this summer. As a part of our mutual project Collecting Thoughts on Collectivity, she has been interviewing relevant art personalities/groups as well as moderating audience talks in every city during the tour. It is rare that you meet such a generous, articulate and devoted person. We are deeply thankful for her support and for pushing us to ask more questions and take bigger steps in order to keep on developing and exploring the work of/in Fanclub.

Ida-Elisabeth Larsen is a choreographer, performing artist and dramaturge educated at SEAD in Salzburg, with a BA in philosophy and performance design at Roskilde University. She is based in Copenhagen, where she is part of the artist collective RISK as well as the duo two-women-machine-showCheck out her blog where she continiously share her work and sharp thoughts and observations of the art scene.

The articles connected to Collecting Thoughts on Collectivety will be published during 2014/2015, so stay tuned. We look forward to continue this collaboration in the future and hope that more people will have the opportunity to enjoy her sharp, funny and loving company.

Thank you Ida!
♥ Fanclub