Welcome. We are a dancers’ collective based in Copenhagen who invites artists we find interesting to various collaborations and art projects. We have recently finished the two year long reflection and formulation of WE ARE DANCERS and are now focusing on our new work WOWOWOW – a collaboration with choreographer Quim Bigas (ES) exploring within and around collectivity. More info to come!


Upcoming Activities:

25 January 2019
WOWOWOW work in progress showing at Dansstationens Platform
7pm at Palladium in Malmö

2+4 – 7 March 2019
WOWOWOW premiere + shows
7.30pm at Dansehallerne c/o Koncertkirken in Copenhagen

16 March 2019
WOWOWOW as part of Det Frie Felts Festival
9pm at Koncertkirken in Copenhagen

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