Welcome to Fanclub! We’re a dancers’ collective based in Copenhagen who invite artists and other interesting people into various collaborations and art projects. We recently finished the work WOWOWOW in collaboration with Quim Bigas, which is now available for tour in 2020/21! Next year we unfold BEE-ING – a new project that from the basis of the bee’s habitat, their way of life and existence, explore ecologies and ideologies of working and be(e)ing together. More info to come!


Upcoming Activities:

Fanclub is part of the exhibition LEK at Form/Design centrum in Malmö,
August 27th – November 24th 2019

Performing ARKEN together with Vontrapp at HAUT’s festival “Y Choreography”
in Copenhagen, October 27th 2019 at 2-2.45pm

Residency with BEE-ING at Åbne Scene in Aarhus
January 21-26th 2020

Keep an eye on our blog where we continuously post Fanclub-news,
current events and other initiatives that Fanclub