DEATH – everyone dies but you.

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DEATH is a double bill in collaboration with the choreographers Kim Hiorthøy and Itamar Serussi. Together we investigate the ungraspable – death appears as an endless source of inspiration, questions and sensations.

“- Was ist das?
– Was?
– Tod.
– Was tot ist? Was ist das für eine Frage?”
From the movie White Ribbon by Michael Haneke

By bringing together the two choreographers’ widely different approaches to dance, Fanclub wish to investigate and enrich perceptions within contemporary choreography today. From a common source that concerns us all, the audience is presented to
two distinct expressions within the art form.

Hi Scores by Kim Hiorthøy   /   KLARA by Itamar Serussi

“Choreography alive and kicking and danced without fear of death.”
Kristian Husted, Politiken

Kristian Husted, Politiken / english
Anders E Larsson, Helsingborgs Dagblad / english
Tor Billgren, Sydsvenskan / english
Ann Jonsson, Danstidningen
Philip Martinussen, Atlas
Writing Movement on DEATH

DEATH crew
Dancers & producers: Andrea Deres, Carolina Bäckman, Ellesiv V. Selseng, Sofia Karlsson
Choreography: Hi Scores Kim Hiorthøy / KLARA Itamar Serussi
Set- & costume design: Nathalie Mellbye
Lighting design: Mårten K. Axelsson
Music: Hi Scores Kim Hiorthøy / KLARA Richard van Kruysdijk
Graphic design & photo: Jacob Grønbech Jensen
PR & communication: Gunnvá Nolsøe
Administration: Jens Christian Jensen, Projektcentret i Dansehallerne

Performance dates in 2014
Premiere at Dansehallerne, Copenhagen 23-26 April
Dansstationen, Malmö 28-29 April
MDT, Stockholm 7-8 May
The Nordic House, Thórshavn 10 May
Bora Bora, Aarhus 21-22 May
Tjarnarbíó, Reykjavik  29-30 May
Full Moon Festival, Pyhäjärvi 23 July

DEATH is co-produced by Dansstationen in Malmö and supported by:
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