Photo by Jacob Grønbech Jensen

Fanclub is Andrea Deres, Carolina Bäckman, Ellesiv S. Vestreim and Sofia Karlsson – a dancers’ collective based in Copenhagen. We founded Fanclub back in 2010 together with our former member Klara Elenius, with a common desire to challenge ourselves as well as the current structures within the Danish dance scene. With an aim to take ownership of our artistic activities and to challenge the position of the dancer, we started initiating and self-produce projects by inviting artists we found interesting into different collaborations. 

We look upon Fanclub as an expanded research space customized to our artistic fields of interest. So far our work include smaller and bigger stage productions, video works, site specifics, fashion events, writing rituals and sharing structures. Through reflecting upon past experiences and current practices, our concept and structure are in constant reformulation/movement, reshaped by interest and requirement. Fanclub’s collective persona is thus transforming as we keep ourselves active in a search for different ways to explore and challenge ourselves, the dance community and society at large.