Ellesiv S. Vestreim

Born in Norway.
Educated at the National Danish School of Performing Arts in 1999-2003.

Worked with artists like E.K.K.O, Ingrid Tranum Velásquez, Morten Innstrand, Ari Rosenzweig, Dorte Olesen, Birgitte Bauer-Nielsen, Ryan Heffington, Sara Sachs – Moonspoon Saloon, Anna Maria Helgadottir, Lotte Sigh, Linnea Lindh, Tali Razga, Poul Larsen, Sara Hamming.

Own work and artistic constellations – Curtis, 2013. Project Elmy, 2009.
Trade project, an interdisciplinary arts project exploring sharing cultures.

Fanclub for me is working with great people, learning, sharing and challenging perspectives and ideas, having bad, good, great moments together and hoping to make a difference to someone.