Collecting Thoughts

Collecting Thoughts on Collectivity – Nordic versions is a research project made in collaboration with dramaturge and choreographer Ida-Elisabeth Larsen.

During the Nordic tour of DEATH in the summer of 2014 we arranged a series of audience talks and interviews with people connected to the local art-communities in each city. Ida have transcribed one interview from each city and written a text summing up the whole experience of Collecting Thoughts on Collectivity. We would like to share these inspiring words with you, feel free to spread it to the world. Enjoy!

Skærmbillede 2016-01-26 kl. 18.41.40
Booklet version released 5 feb 2016
designed by Jacob Grønbech Jensen.
Feel free to download the booklet and
print your own copy at home.

Collecting Thoughts on Collectivity –
Nordic versions for download


Initiating letter to the artisic directors Thórshavn
#1 RISK, Copenhagen
#2 PotatoPotato, Malmö
#3 Jesper De Neergaard, Aarhus
#4 ÖFA, Stockholm
#5 16 Lovers, Reykjavik
#6 Det Ferösche Compagnie, Tórshavn
#7 Maija Hirvanen, Pyhajärvi

In danish: Jesper de Neergaard / Det Ferösche Compagnie

Ida-Elisabeth Larsen is a choreographer and dramaturge based in Copenhagen.
Check out her work here