A collaboration with video artist Anna Maria Helgadottir – a live performance and video art.

Originally the dance piece danceminimalanimaldeath is part of a short film about animal telepathy and is made for four dancers, two of which are animals and two spirits or gods. It describes the animals journey into the kingdom of death. Choreographically it is based, on the one hand, on ancient ritualistic dance forms, the purpose of which is to put you in a trance, and on the other hand, on the Japanese Kabuki dance style. Merging these two makes an interesting and almost impossible new form of controlled madness. It is as if the movements are working against each other. Somehow these reluctant outbursts fit into the picture of an animal on the verge of leaving the physical world to enter into the unknown, helped by the spirits who are not completely clear in their intentions: are they helpers or are they seducers?

The live performance version was shown at Library Bar and Overgaden in 2011.

Idea: Anna Maria Helgadottir
Choreography: Anna Maria Helgadottir and Fanclub
Dancers: Fanclub – Andrea Deres, Carolina Bäckman, Sofia Karlsson and Ellesiv Selseng
DoP: Lars Laursen
Music: Lonely Boy Choir
Costumes: Sara Sachs / MoonSpoon Saloon