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Death as a confirmation of life
One thing we know for sure, is that we are all going to die, but we know nothing about what happens after death, so why waste energy on it? Kim Hiorthøy uses death to confirm the fact that we are living. Our minds select and sort memories of experiences and relationships, not to mention all the objects that fill our everyday lives. Hiorthøy is attracted to the performative, free frames of contemporary choreography and combines dance, song and music as unpretentious theatrical tools to show us the beauty and humour of life. By composing the music for the show himself, his universe of intelligent and subtle observations about humanity becomes complete.

“It is as if we find ourselves backstage of life’s arena, behind the glittering faces and facades, where everything begins and ends, here in the dusk of reality.”
Anders E Larsson, Helsingborgs Dagblad

Politiken Kristian Husted / english
Helsingborgs Dagblad Anders E Larsson / english
Sydsvenskan Tor Billgren / english


Hi Scores crew
Choreography & music: Kim Hiorthøy
Dancers: Andrea Deres, Carolina Bäckman, Ellesiv V. Selseng, Sofia Karlsson
Set- & costume design: Nathalie Mellbye
Lighting design: Mårten K. Axelsson

DEATH is co-produced by Dansstationen in Malmö and supported by:
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