Olesen&Rosenzweig – GONE HOME
Two surrealistic fairytales about going away and finding home


Fanclub has invited their idols, choreographers Dorte Olesen and Ari Rosenzweig, to each create a shorter piece, in collaboration with costume designer Sara Sachs. The result is the double bill GONE HOME – two surrealistic fairytales, where deadly earnestness, naive images, rituals, love and violence blends into a twisted and mysterious cocktail about going away and finding home.

Fanclub was awarded by the Danish Arts Commitee in 2012 
read the motivation here
GONE HOME by Dorte Olesen won the STOFF award for “Best Stage Act” 2013 
– read the motivation here

See Fanclubs interview with the choreographers here
In connection to GONE HOME at Dansehallerne Fanclub also arranged special events

Dancers’ collective Fanclub: Andrea Deres, Carolina Bäckman, Ellesiv Selseng,
Klara Elenius and Sofia Karlsson
Choreographers: Dorte Olesen and Ari Rosenzweig
Costume design: Moonspoon Saloon – Sara Sachs, Mia Melinder, Merja Ulvinen and Siff Pristed Nielsen
Lighting design: Tobias Leira
Sound design: Jonas Åkesson
Photo & Graphic design: Søren Meisner
PR: Janne Schnipper

GONE HOME touring
Premiere at Dansehallerne, Copenhagen 18 April 2012

GONE HOME is a co-production with Dansstationen and Dorte Olesen Productions. Supported by:
Danmarks Nationalbanks Jubilæumsfond and Oticon Fonden

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