Special Events

In connection to GONE HOME Fanclub arranges special events, all relating to home
as a theme. It’s free of charge, all you need is a ticket to GONE HOME.

IN COPENHAGEN, Dansehallerne
Friday the 20th of April, at 10.30pm (20 minutes)
Poetry reading with Julie Sten-Knudsen

Fanclub invites you to stay for a glass of wine, while Julie Sten-Knudsen reads from her critically acclaimed debut Hjem er en retning, which recently was rewarded by the Danish Arts Council. The book is a poetic exploration of the concept of home, as it deals with ideas of going away and longing for home, of identity and finding a base. As her work in a literary way relates to the same concepts as GONE HOME, we found it exciting to present her work in connection to our performance.
Read more about her work here

Saturday the 21st of April, at 6.30pm (30 minutes)
Ernesto Piga Carbone presents excerpts from his documentary ..i Danmark er jeg født..

Ernesto Piga Carbone is son of exiled Chileans, and all his life he has been confronted with the question of where he belongs and who he is: Danish or Chilean. In this beautifully filmed documentary road movie, Ernesto travels through the dramatic landscape of Chile, where he encounters a family he barely knows. Fanclub has invited Ernesto, to share his experiences while making this personal and touching portrait.
See the trailer here
A Reflexfilm production, read more about their work here

Sunday the 22nd of April, at 4pm (30 minutes)
A lecture about home and humans with anthropologist Mark Vacher

Anthropologist Mark Vacher, ph.D at the SAXO Institute in Copenhagen, will give us an interesting and entertaining lecture about home and it’s significance. How does housing and architecture relate to the feeling of home, human life and relations? Fanclub first encounter with his work was during an excursion to Louisiana last fall, where his lecture was a part of their exhibition Living. We are thrilled to present him and his work, in connection to GONE HOME. Enjoy!
Read more about his work here 

Sunday the 22nd of April, at 6.30pm (30 minutes)
Artist talk with Fanclub

After the performance we will quickly get out of costume and re-join the audience for at talk about our work with the two choreographers in GONE HOME, as well as our work as a dancers’ collective. We invite you as an audience to ask questions, listen and share your reflections upon the performance – welcome!

IN MALMÖ, Dansstationen
Sunday the 29th of April, at 9pm (45 minutes)
Artist talk with Dorte Olesen and Fanclub

After the performance we invite you to meet us and choreographer Dorte Olesen for a talk about our collaboration with GONE HOME. We will share our reflections upon the artistic process and we are looking forward to get your response on the performance. See you there!


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