Between life and death
The intensity is high, when Itamar Serussi conjures an emotionally charged atmosphere as in a film noir. A fragmented universe where four women dressed in black are witnessed in a bodily momentum between the last moments of life and the journey towards the unknown. With his intuitive approach to composition and an imaginary, sensational world, Serussi explores each dancers personality and highlights Fanclub specific group dynamics. The Dutch composer Richard van Kruysdijk stand behind the music for the performance, creating moments of uncomfortable dissonance, rocking peace and devotion.

“It looks like fragments of a story we do not have the key to open, as in a dream. But perhaps this is as it is with death? It is there, and we try to find meaning in it, but it shuts us out, as an incomprehensible dance.”
Kristian Husted, Politiken

KLARA crew
Choreography: Itamar Serussi
Music: Richard van Kruysdijk
Dancers: Andrea Deres, Carolina Bäckman, Ellesiv V. Selseng, Sofia Karlsson
Set- & costume design: Nathalie Mellbye
Lighting design: Mårten K. Axelsson