GONE HOME on tour

Up coming

Malmö < 12 June 2014 >
GONE HOME by Dorte Olesen at Nordic Forum
a conference with the topic New Action on Women’s Right

Stockholm < 24 August 2013 >
GONE HOME by Dorte Olesen at Stockholm Fringe Fest, Hörsalen

Copenhagen < 20-21 August 2013 >
GONE HOME by Dorte Olesen at Thousand Threads LOOM 6, Dansehallerne

Malmö < 27-29 April 2012 >
GONE HOME at Dansstationen

Copenhagen < 18-25 April 2012 >
GONE HOME premiere at Dansehallerne

Can be shown together as a double bill or as two separate choreographies.
Interested in showing GONE HOME at your venue? 

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