WOWOWOW is a collaboration with choreographer Quim Bigas (ES), an investigation within and around collectivity, in close relation between performers and audience.

WOWOWOW is space for reflection upon (the) collective. A place where a set of images appears and disappears. A collection of actions and ephemeral statements. A radical mode of being in a structure through the lenses of being present and in relation, always. You. We. Us.

WOWOWOW suggests a visualization of “our” movement as a mode to unfold an assemblage, an ecology of things, in which certain aspects of the self comes at stake as a mode to trigger different layers of relations that takes place in the moments we talk about “us”. A big, yet tiny – us.

Words about WOWOWOW
by Naja Lee Jensen, a Copenhagen based inter-disciplinary artist and writer (in Danish)
by Joe Barker, a Berlin based writer with a PhD in Philosophy (in English)

Production: Fanclub
Choreography: Quim Bigas
Dance: Andrea Deres, Carolina Bäckman, Sofia Karlsson, Ellesiv V. Selseng & Quim Bigas
Technical consultant: Filip Vilhelmsson
Graphic design: Studio Jacob Grønbech Jensen
Production assistant: Gry Raaby
Support: Danish Arts Foundation, City of Copenhagen, Dansehallerne
Residency: Dansstationen, L’animal de l’esquena
Performance photos: Emilie Gregersen
Trailer: Søren Meisner

2 + 4 – 7 March 2019 at Dansehallerne c/o Koncertkirken in Copenhagen
Special events: 2nd of March – Premiere party w. DJs from Kapow collective > 4th of March – Concert w. Sandra Boss & Katinka Fogh Vindelev > 5th of March – Eksistensfilosofisk Akademi w. Jon Auring Grimm and Stine Zink Kaasgaard > more info here

16 March 2019 at Det Frie Felts Festival, Koncertkirken in Copenhagen
Available for tour in 2020/21, more info here


Quim Bigas Bassart (ES) is an artist who works within choreography, performance art, information and education. His approach in dance lies within the interests towards composition, conversation, exercise and meeting, and his working methods tends to focus on movement research, social interactions and information procedures. His works are very diverse, placed around a curiosity and activation of the eye, the idea of experience, present, becoming, performativity and commitment in an artistic environment. Since 2018, he is a Teaching Associate Professor on Choreography at the National School of Performing Arts in Copenhagen. >>>