Sofia Karlsson

Born in Sweden 1981.
Educated at the National Danish School of Performing Arts in 2002-2007.

Worked with artists like Antoinette Helbing, Dorte Olesen, Ari Rosenzweig, E.K.K.O, Tina Tarpgaard, Ryan Heffington, Anna Maria Helgadottir, Sara Sachs – Moonspoon Saloon, Linnea Lindh, Lisa Torun, Pernille Garde, Martin Forsberg, Thomas Eisenhardh, Ulrika Wedin & Marie Fahli, Edhem Jesenkovic.

Own work and artistic constellations – Choreography for This is Christmas, Rasmus Klump, En skærsommernatsdrøm at Holbækteater 2011-2013. Papercuts, an arts trio that work with improvisation, music and dance.

Fanclub for me is a way to cross the road of extraordinary people and walk with them for a while. Searching for greater arts, deeper reflections and personal challenges together while life goes on and you hope you´ve made a difference before you die.