Carolina Bäckman

Born in Sweden 1979.
Educated at the Danish National School of Performing Arts in 1999-2003.

Worked with artists like Emma Nordanfors, Tina Tarpgaard, Klara Elenius, Melissa Ramos, Jan Manscuska, Dorte Olesen, Ari Rosenzweig, Ryan Heffington, E.K.K.O, Lucy HG, Sara Sachs – Moonspoon Saloon, Lotte Sigh, Anna Maria Helgadottir, Hedvig Lykke.

Own work and artistic constellations – Velo-City, 2010. My Body is Every Body, 2012/2013. Trade project, an interdisciplinary arts project exploring sharing cultures. Danish Dance Stories, a mapping of (hi)stories. Member of the Swedish dance collective Nomodaco, where she figures both as performer and choreographer.

Fanclub for me is a privileged opportunity to discover unknown territories together with amazing people – great things that I never could realize alone. It’s also evolving, exhausting, emotional, challenging, fun and thought-provoking. It’s discussions, endless hours in front of the computer and euphoric moments on and off stage.