Fanclub ♥ Jacob Kirkegaard

More sound art to the people!

Jacob Kirkegaard is an interesting guy, creating magical sound art – recording singing sands in the deserts of Oman – listening to forgotten time in the abandoned rooms of Tjernobyl – re-discovers the sounds of old, broken music cassettes in Cuba – composing to the sounds in your ear… Intelligent and engaging art, that goes straight into your body.
Fanclub is inspired!

Jacob Kirkegaard is performing Variations over Labyrinthitis at Medical Museion
Sunday March 27th, at 4pm.

See you there
♥ Fanclub

Read more about Jacob and his art here

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About Fanclub

Fanclub is a dancers' collective based in Copenhagen who invite artists they find interesting, to collaborate in various projects. Fanclub strives to flavor the Scandinavian performance community with thrilling work of art, that makes an impact and takes a stand.

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