Fanclub ♥ Anna Maria Helgadottir

First collaboration btw Fanclub and Idol

Fanclub is in the hands of the mythical and mesmerizing artist Anna Maria Helgadottir. Anna Maria is one of the initiators and members of the notorious art group/persona
Ingen frygt. Together with designer Sara Sachs we give you a performance, raw and spellbinding, taking you into a state of transition…

Saturday 17th of September at 10pm Library Bar Plaza, Copenhagen
Tuesday 20th of September at 9.30pm Esplanaden 1b, Copenhagen 

Fanclubs first performance, it’s gonna be wild! See you there
♥ Fanclub

See the work of Anna Maria Helgadottir here  & check out Ingen frygt here
More about Sara Sachs

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About Fanclub

Fanclub is a dancers' collective based in Copenhagen who invite artists they find interesting, to collaborate in various projects. Fanclub strives to flavor the Scandinavian performance community with thrilling work of art, that makes an impact and takes a stand.

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