A dancer’s point of view. In connection with our upcoming double bill DEATH we invite you to a workshop where you on your own body, will get a chance to experience how the two performances by the choreographers Kim Hiorthøy (NO/SE) and Itamar Serussi (IL/NL) have been developed.

We in Fanclub want to share our experience from the two artistic processes with you, and together we will try simple movement improvisation as well as text- and voice exercises. By the end of the workshop we will open up to a dialogue with space for reflections and questions about the work.

The workshop is for EVERYONE interested and requires NO previous experience with dance. We hope to see some new faces there. Welcome!
♥ Fanclub

When: Saturday 5 April at 2pm-4pm
Where: Dansehallerne, studio 3, Pasteursvej 14 2. sal, 1799 København V
Price: 65 dkk, includes one ticket to the performance at Dansehallerne 23-26 April
Registration: e-mail to fanclub.dance@gmail.com, deadline 3 April. Type WORKSHOP in the subject line and write your name, phone number, as well as the date & time you wish to see the performance DEATH – click here for the schedule

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About Fanclub

Fanclub is a dancers' collective based in Copenhagen who invite artists they find interesting, to collaborate in various projects. Fanclub strives to flavor the Scandinavian performance community with thrilling work of art, that makes an impact and takes a stand.

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