Extra events in connection to the Nordic tour

Collecting thoughts on Collectivity – Nordic versions

Fanclub has received funding from the Nordic Culture Fund to support a Nordic tour in May/July 2014. This has given us a great opportunity to explore the diverse artistic communities of the North, and to share information and experience. We have invited Ida-Elisabeth Larsen to join us on the tour to arrange and moderate a series of audience talks and interviews with people connected to the local art-communities in every city we visit. Based on these events Ida-Elisabeth will produce a series of smaller articles that will be published and shared through our own, as well as the different venues’ webpage’s and social networks.

Ida-Elisabeth Larsen is a choreographer, performing artist and dramaturge educated from SEAD in Salzburg, with a BA in philosophy and performance design from Roskilde University. She is based in Copenhagen, where she is part of the artist collective RISK as well as the duo two-women-machine-show. Ida-Elisabeth is a sharp and reflective artist that continuously researches contemporary artistic constellations and collective work within the field of dance and choreography.

We are thrilled to have Ida-Elisabeth lead these extra events on our tour and we look forward to getting started. Hope to see you out there during the Nordic tour! ♥ Fanclub

Moderated audience talks: 24 April > Dansehallerne, Copenhagen 29 April > Dansstationen, Malmö 8 May > MDT, Stockholm 10 May > Nordens Hus, Thórshavn 21 May > Bora Bora, Aarhus 29 May > Tjarnarbíó, Reykjavik 23 July > Full Moon Festival, Pyhäjärvi

Read the interviews here

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Fanclub is a dancers' collective based in Copenhagen who invite artists they find interesting, to collaborate in various projects. Fanclub strives to flavor the Scandinavian performance community with thrilling work of art, that makes an impact and takes a stand.

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