Fanclub ♥ DEATH

To all of you who were there, in body and in spirit – thanks for an amazing premiere of DEATH!

During the past two years we’ve lived with the vision of the double bill DEATH – writing the applications, inviting the choreographers, gathering our crew, discussing and reflecting on life, death and everything in between. We look back with warmth in our hearts and forward with light in our eyes. Now it’s now and we’re happy and proud to be able to present to you two flavors of DEATH – Hi Scores by Kim Hiorthøy and KLARA by Itamar Serussi!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Dansstationen(!), Hanne Svejstrup, Bush Hartshorn, Jens Christian Jensen (JC), Susanne Pørksen, Johannes Hornberger (Johnny), Kamma Siegumfeldt, Sofie Mønster, Danjel Andersson, Jesper de Neergaard, Gunnar Gunnsteinsson, Inge Tarpgaard, Ida-Elisabeth Larsen, Lene Bang, Jan Høgh Stricker, Kristoffer M. Hansen & Holbæk teater, Ari Rosenzweig, Carl Olsson, Elza Deres, Mute Comp, Statens Scenekunstskole – skræddersalen, Createx – Tove Resset, Dan Lykke Pedersen and to all the venues hosting us on tour.
Most of all THANK YOU to the DEATHcrew – you are amazing and we are your fans 4-ever! Last but not least – Klara Elenius, the fifth Fanclub-member ♥

Looking forward to see you out there on our Nordic tour – four shows left in Copenhagen, then next stop Malmö!
♥ Fanclub


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