Fanclub is part of LEK!

Fanclub is part of LEK! (PLAY!) – an exhibition that explores what patterns of thinking and professional groups lie behind the construction of spaces that encourage play, and invites visitors and creatives to consider how we design or do not design for play.

Opening September 4th at 9-11am and running until November 3rd at Form/Design Center in Malmö

It’s been a great experience and we look forward to present and share our contribution SPIRALEK – a score for play.

“In playing as well as in dancing the body is used as a tool where all senses are put into action and boundaries are tested and challenged. A temporary meeting place where we get an opportunity to explore different relationships and hierarchies together with other(s). With the play-generator SPIRALEK, Fanclub wish to inspire both adults and children to create their own playful situations. An opportunity to awaken imaginations, exchange experiences as well as getting to know each other and the city in which they live.”

Hope you can make it!
♥ Fanclub