GONE HOME for tour

GONE HOME is available for tour in 2013/14
Danish theaters can apply for Garantiordningen and Moderne dans på turné
Technical rider in danish and english
See the trailers here – for the full version please contact us

GONE HOME  by Dorte Olesen (40 min)
“Five Little Red Riding Hoods dressed in art-fashion costumes, march scornfully on stage to heavy rock music, wearing super high heels.”
Jan A Johansson, Skånska Dagbladet

“…her fiery interpretation of the story of Little Red Riding Hood casts five deceptively shy girls in a story of liberation, sexual empowerment and physical ecstasy… Incredibly charming, arrogantly elegant, a little naughty and very cool.
Malena Forsare, Sydsvenskan

Intermission (20 min)

GONE HOME  by Ari Rosenzweig (25 min)
“…a wonderful meeting with the whimsical world of Rosenzweig… In reality, we are just silly little pawns in a vast and beautiful, cosmic game. So enjoy it while it lasts. “We’re all gonna die, we don’t know how and when”, Rosenzweig reminds us as the dancers float off stage.”
Christina Brøndsholm Andersen, Teater 1

“…a transformation from childhood to adulthood, from civil society to war, from community to loneliness and vulnerability…”
Ingela Brovik, Danstidningen

For more information please contact
Andrea Deres +45 20258428            fanclub.dance@gmail.com


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