Home for You?

Fanclub’s new project GONE HOME is a collaboration with the two choreographers Dorte Olesen and Ari Rosenzweig. As the title implies, the theme of the project is home, and it would be very interesting to hear, see or read about YOUR definition of home.

Send your contribution – text, picture, link or video, to fanclub.dance@gmail.com
or simply leave your comment in the comment field below.

Thank you for sharing with us!
♥ Fanclub


One thought on “Home for You?

  1. Home is where things are known to you, you feel safe, you can relax etc. But home is also a prison, where you are trapped, inactive, lazy, without inspiration. Only when you get out and away from home you can see, smell, think, experience, feel insecure, be afraid – and long for home!

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