Sara Sachs / Moonspoon Saloon

Sara Sachs is the designer behind the internationally acclaimed fashion label Moonspoon Saloon, based in Copenhagen and Los Angeles. Their work breaks the boarders between fashion and art and her expressive and crazy beautiful creations attract attention from all around the world. Moonspoon Saloon’s fashion shows is something out of the ordinary where the regular catwalk is replaced with conceptual performances. Their show at the Armory’s Nordic focus in New York, spring 2012, was a big success that thousands of people came out to see. Fanclub love Sara’s total commitment to her work, her generosity and her genius, never-ending creativity which pervades both process and result.
We want to work with her, always!

Sara Sachs and Fanclub have already made a couple of performances & events together and she was the costume designer for the Fanclub production GONE HOME in 2012.

Read more about Moonspoon Saloon here


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