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Go Create in the Open Spaces

Residencies, places to nerd-out in your art, Open Spaces where it is up to you to make things happen – Fanclub loves it and would like to recommend a few. CodaSpace in Copenhagen started up last summer with a residency, offering free guidance and space. This summer they didn’t get any funding, but decided to offer the space for free to international creative dance artists anyways – we like! Performing Arts Forum, PA-F, outside of Paris, is a residency initiated and run by artists, activists and theorists. Visiting artists are encouraged to create their own projects, build networks and initiate other arrangements.

CodaSpace offer free space in Dansehallerne, Copenhagen 18 – 29th of July 2011
PA-F offer space and a place to sleep, St Erme, France, all year around

See you out there in the Open Spaces
♥ Fanclub

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