ICE HOT opening event

Next week the nordic dance platform ICE HOT takes over Dansehallerne and Fanclub has been invited to be part of the opening program, curated by Fors Works. The event also include works by Danseatelier, Casper-Malthe Augusta, Sanna Blennow and David Gehrt.

Fanclub presents WAD – dances within, an auditory exploration of inner sensations and movements, offering space for shared dedication, contemplation and bodily experiences. A durational work that is part of WE ARE DANCERS – Fanclub’s ongoing investigation of the dancer, presented as a collection of live experiments, collective movements and dancing bodies during 2016/17.

ICE HOT opening event 30 November at Dansehallerne, Copenhagen

Pre-premiere on 29 November is open for the public, book your tickets here

See you then and there!
♥ Fanclub