Fanclub at Overgaden

If you missed it last time, don’t miss it this time

This Friday, the exhibition space Overgaden have their 25th birthday party and Fanclub will be there to celebrate them! As a gift we will once again show our performance made in collaboration with the mesmerizing artist Anna Maria Helgadottir and designer Sara Sachs. A raw and spellbinding performance, taking you into a state of transition…

Friday the 25th of November at 4pm-12pm Overgaden, Copenhagen
(Fanclub will be on around 9pm)

See you there
♥ Fanclub


Fanclub ♥ Charles Atlas

Crazy good arty documentary films

If you don’t know Charles Atlas work from before, now is the perfect time as he is one of the artists in focus on the CPH:DOX festival this year. He has done close collaborations with artists like Merce Cunningham, Michael Clark and Antony and the Johnsons – all on the program of CPH:DOX. Make room in your calendar, you don’t want to miss this!

Charles Atlas on CPH:DOX until the 13th of November

♥ Fanclub

Ps. Another must see on the festival is Pina by Wim Wenders, in 3D…!

Fanclub ♥ Nathalie Djurberg

Clay figures in strange ways

With a universe inhabited of grim yet seductive clay figures, the Swedish artist Nathalie Djurberg explores the human urge to believe, to submit and to devote oneself. Her animation films, with sound by Hans Berg, is funny, scary, cute, thought provoking – all at the same time. If you still haven’t seen it, go see it!

Snakes Knows It’s Yoga on Gl. Strand until the 13th of November

One of our idols, for sure
♥ Fanclub