Happy Holidays ♥ Fanclub

Fanclub would like to thank you all for a fantastic year.
Eat well, drink well, relax – and we’ll see you in 2014!Happy Hollidays 2013


Fanclub ♥ Dansebjerg

A peaceful residency with lots of space

Fanclub has just returned from a mini residency in an amazing house, situated on a hill on the beautiful Danish island of Samsø. Together with the video artist Anna Maria Helgadottir we spent three days recording video for future projects, including material for a new music video for the danish artist Jomi Massage…

The house is called Dansebjerg and it comes complete with several generous bedrooms, an open fire place, a stunning view and a big dance studio! It’s a rare opportunity in Denmark – a space for creativity and peace and a free zone from the everyday noise that tends to take over. We highly recommend to check it out!


Big thanks to Poul and Ulla
♥ Fanclub