An occasion – Cph Art Week

This Friday we reunite with Isabel Lewis for yet another occasion as part of the opening program for Cph Art Week, unfolding in the beautiful foyer of SMK. With us we have the dancers Casper-Malte Augusta, Mejse Vedel, Sandra Liaklev Andersen and Meleat Fredrikson.

Friday 26 August at 4-10pm – Statens Museum for Kunst – Sølvgade 48, Copenhagen

Isabel is the best of hosts and together we invite you to take part of this celebratory and sensory gathering of things, people, plants, music, dance, tastes and smells.
You can come and go as you please and we hope to see you all there – can’t wait!

♥ Fanclub

In the meantime here is an article on Isabel’s work by (in danish)


Fanclub ♥ Amplifying

Let the performance of the everyday appear


Klara Elenius, the fifth and now former member of Fanclub, have just finished a Master of Fine Art, “New Performative Practises” at DOCH in Stockholm. Amplifying is Klara’s graduation piece, an observational practice that applies a performative gaze on a public space, in this case Sergel’s square in Stockholm. Through a number of tasks she triggers your observation in order to reveal the ongoing performance that surrounds us every day – if only we take the time to see it. So if in Stockholm, download the audiowalk and/or map+tasks and go discover your own unique choreography of the ordinary…

For more information and to download a guide visit

Congratulations Klara and thank you for sharing your work with the world!
♥ Fanclub

DEATHcrew – Filip Vilhelmsson

filip rockstarFilip is our technician and he is coming with us on tour. Feeling really privileged ’cause Filip is the coolest, most professional guy ever – keeping us on track, setting our light and fixing our sound without any worries in the world. He normally works a lot at Dansstationen in Malmö, but we were lucky enough to be able to borrow him for DEATH (thank you Madeleine!). Looking forward to explore the Nordic countries in his company. Filip is also a rock star. Check out his band Sinthia Doll playing in Copenhagen on Friday.

Feeling proud and excited to be on tour – next stop Stockholm 7-8 May. See you there!
♥ Fanclub 

Fanclub ♥ Dansebjerg

A peaceful residency with lots of space

Fanclub has just returned from a mini residency in an amazing house, situated on a hill on the beautiful Danish island of Samsø. Together with the video artist Anna Maria Helgadottir we spent three days recording video for future projects, including material for a new music video for the danish artist Jomi Massage…

The house is called Dansebjerg and it comes complete with several generous bedrooms, an open fire place, a stunning view and a big dance studio! It’s a rare opportunity in Denmark – a space for creativity and peace and a free zone from the everyday noise that tends to take over. We highly recommend to check it out!


Big thanks to Poul and Ulla
♥ Fanclub