Fanclub ♥ Ida-Elisabeth Larsen

A special friend of Fanclub
IMG_3696We have had the pleasure to work with, hang out with, discuss and travel with Ida during the DEATH tour this summer. As a part of our mutual project Collecting Thoughts on Collectivity, she has been interviewing relevant art personalities/groups as well as moderating audience talks in every city during the tour. It is rare that you meet such a generous, articulate and devoted person. We are deeply thankful for her support and for pushing us to ask more questions and take bigger steps in order to keep on developing and exploring the work of/in Fanclub.

Ida-Elisabeth Larsen is a choreographer, performing artist and dramaturge educated at SEAD in Salzburg, with a BA in philosophy and performance design at Roskilde University. She is based in Copenhagen, where she is part of the artist collective RISK as well as the duo two-women-machine-showCheck out her blog where she continiously share her work and sharp thoughts and observations of the art scene.

The articles connected to Collecting Thoughts on Collectivety will be published during 2014/2015, so stay tuned. We look forward to continue this collaboration in the future and hope that more people will have the opportunity to enjoy her sharp, funny and loving company.

Thank you Ida!
♥ Fanclub