Fanclub ♥ Living

An inspiration for our work with GONE HOME

We recommend you to check out the exhibition Living on Louisiana. Trough architecture, art and anthropology we are presented to different views of how we live in the world today, what makes a home and what a home could be in the future. It’s a good idea to take time for your visit – the exhibition is huge and you don’t want to miss any of it!

The exhibition Living can be seen at Louisiana until the 2nd of October

♥ Fanclub


Fanclub ♥ Anna Maria Helgadottir

First collaboration btw Fanclub and Idol

Fanclub is in the hands of the mythical and mesmerizing artist Anna Maria Helgadottir. Anna Maria is one of the initiators and members of the notorious art group/persona
Ingen frygt. Together with designer Sara Sachs we give you a performance, raw and spellbinding, taking you into a state of transition…

Saturday 17th of September at 10pm Library Bar Plaza, Copenhagen
Tuesday 20th of September at 9.30pm Esplanaden 1b, Copenhagen 

Fanclubs first performance, it’s gonna be wild! See you there
♥ Fanclub

See the work of Anna Maria Helgadottir here  & check out Ingen frygt here
More about Sara Sachs

Fanclub ♥ Sara Sachs

Sara Sachs + Ari Rosenzweig = MAGIC

Fanclub are excited – Sara Sachs is going to be the costume- and set designer for
Ari Rosenzweig’s piece in GONE HOME. Her work is crazy good, always surprising and refreshingly daring. Yes, it’s gonna be good!

Check out her work with the fashion art collective Moon Spoon Saloon here & here
and listen to her on P1 Kulturkontoret talking about Fashion and Art (in Danish)

Can’t wait to get started…
♥ Fanclub