Fanclub ♥ Inspiration Room

Fanclub has been invited by Bora Bora in Aarhus to be a part of their new initiative “Inspiration Room” – a research platform that offers four invited Danish artists the time and space to focus on artistic development and fine-tuning. 

During the two following weeks we will be in residency, first at Bora Bora and then at Vestjyllands højskole, taking the time to dig deep into our collective persona, detecting and (re-)shaping our collective ways. We have invited the dramaturge Paula Caspao as well as the dance-guru Anna Grip to visit and take part in our work and we look forward to see what these two meetings will bring..

Big thanks and thumbs up for this great and generous initiative by Bora Bora!
♥ Fanclub



Fanclub ♥ Dansebjerg

A peaceful residency with lots of space

Fanclub has just returned from a mini residency in an amazing house, situated on a hill on the beautiful Danish island of Samsø. Together with the video artist Anna Maria Helgadottir we spent three days recording video for future projects, including material for a new music video for the danish artist Jomi Massage…

The house is called Dansebjerg and it comes complete with several generous bedrooms, an open fire place, a stunning view and a big dance studio! It’s a rare opportunity in Denmark – a space for creativity and peace and a free zone from the everyday noise that tends to take over. We highly recommend to check it out!


Big thanks to Poul and Ulla
♥ Fanclub