WAD residency at DH

During a three week residency at Dansehallerne we continue the work with WE ARE DANCERS. Paula Caspao is the guesting artist during the first week and we invite you to take part of the work.

Join us for an evening of something on Thursday 16 Feb at 5-6.30pm, LABstage in Dansehallerne, Copenhagen.

We will also open the door for you to visit the work on Saturday 25 Feb at 12-1.30pm & Friday 3 March at 5-6.30pm.

Hope to see you there!
♥ Fanclub

Fanclub ♥ Rikke Benborg

Fanclub is part of Rikke Benborg’s upcoming exhibition Hysterics at Overgaden – Institute of Contemporary Art, in Copenhagen 28 Jan – 19 March 2017.

“Using video, installation and performance, Benborg explores conditions for and expressions of the female through the ages, interpreting the many faces of hysteria through works that examine the idea of women’s relationship to the supernormal, as well as investigating how humans – in this case women – react when their immediate scope for action is limited. How do we express ourselves if we are not allowed to have a voice but are instead subjected to the volition and dominance of another?”

Rikke is an amazing artist and we love the physical, strong and raw feminine approach of her work. The opening is on Friday and we hope to see you there!
♥ Fanclub

More about Rikke Benborg here

ICE HOT opening event

Next week the nordic dance platform ICE HOT takes over Dansehallerne and Fanclub has been invited to be part of the opening program, curated by Fors Works. The event also include works by Danseatelier, Casper-Malthe Augusta, Sanna Blennow and David Gehrt.

Fanclub presents WAD – dances within, an auditory exploration of inner sensations and movements, offering space for shared dedication, contemplation and bodily experiences. A durational work that is part of WE ARE DANCERS – Fanclub’s ongoing investigation of the dancer, presented as a collection of live experiments, collective movements and dancing bodies during 2016/17.

ICE HOT opening event 30 November at Dansehallerne, Copenhagen

Pre-premiere on 29 November is open for the public, book your tickets here

See you then and there!
♥ Fanclub

Fanclub ♥ Shared Blog

Thank you RISK crew for this platform/forum made for sharing thoughts and creative processes. Fanclub had a really good experience while creating a blogpost of our own, leaving us with new and interesting thoughts and revelations to bring with us into our work.

Check it out here at the RISK website and maybe share some of your own experiences!
♥ Fanclub

Happy Holiday ♥ Fanclub

2014 has been a crazy, busy, overwhelming and absolutely fantastic year. Starting out with the premiere of the double bill DEATH, next nordic touring with DEATH, research through Collecting Thoughts on Collectivity, showing GONE HOME by Dorte Olesen at the Nordic Forum in Malmö, Fanclub in Exile – residency at HAUT and ending with the space performance PIE IN THE SKY. Now we are going to relax, eat candy, stare into the fireplace and dream of the future…

Thank you for being a part of making this year so special.
We wish you all a lazy holiday and an amazing 2015!
♥ Fanclub

Greetings from the PIE IN THE SKY crew

Greetings from the PIE IN THE SKY crew


DEATHcrew – Mårten K. Axelsson

Mårten Axelsson

Mårten is the lighting designer for DEATH and we couldn’t have picked a better guy – most likely the coolest guy on earth. Professional, visionary and very much fun to be with. Educated at the Danish National School of Performing Arts and now busy traveling around working with various directors, dance performances and theaters. Everyone wants to work with Mårten…

Come see what we’ve created together with our amazing DEATHcrew –
only 8 days until premiere!
♥ Fanclub