Happy Holiday ♥ Fanclub

2014 has been a crazy, busy, overwhelming and absolutely fantastic year. Starting out with the premiere of the double bill DEATH, next nordic touring with DEATH, research through Collecting Thoughts on Collectivity, showing GONE HOME by Dorte Olesen at the Nordic Forum in Malmö, Fanclub in Exile – residency at HAUT and ending with the space performance PIE IN THE SKY. Now we are going to relax, eat candy, stare into the fireplace and dream of the future…

Thank you for being a part of making this year so special.
We wish you all a lazy holiday and an amazing 2015!
♥ Fanclub

Greetings from the PIE IN THE SKY crew

Greetings from the PIE IN THE SKY crew



DEATHcrew – Mårten K. Axelsson

Mårten Axelsson

Mårten is the lighting designer for DEATH and we couldn’t have picked a better guy – most likely the coolest guy on earth. Professional, visionary and very much fun to be with. Educated at the Danish National School of Performing Arts and now busy traveling around working with various directors, dance performances and theaters. Everyone wants to work with Mårten…

Come see what we’ve created together with our amazing DEATHcrew –
only 8 days until premiere!
♥ Fanclub


DEATHcrew – Nathalie Mellbye

Nathalie MellbyeNathalie is the killer set & costume designer for DEATH. No idea is too big or too weird – mention it once and Nathalie will make dreams come true and new universes emerge. We are super excited to witness her fabulous, crazy mind and hands work their magic on the double bill. She is educated at the Danish National School of Performing Arts and last year she deservedly got awarded with the Reumert talent prize.
Check out her blog where she continuously share her work and process.

Can’t wait to open the doors for you to enter DEATH – less than two weeks to go!

Fanclub ♥ You

We had the best premier ever and we would not have made it without You!

A billion thanks to the amazing GONE HOME crew, for all your energy and dedication – we are your fans 4ever…
A special thank you to Dansstationen and Holbæk theater for their great generosity, and to our families, friends and the Copenhagen dance environment for encouragement and support.
And last but not least thanks to Kaspar Bredahl Rasmussen, Paula Karoline Kamps, Jan Hoegh Stricker, Frank Martin Engström, Kristoffer Møller Hansen, Malin Sandberg, Ernesto Piga Carbone, Julie Sten-Knudsen, Mark Vacher, Michael Breiner, Mute Comp, Dansens Hus, KUA-Dansevidenskab and Projektcentret.

♥ from a very happy Fanclub

Fanclub ♥ The Path

There is one rule. And it needs to be broken.
There is one goal. And when you attain it, you die.

Fanclub is hooked on the independent computer game The Path. Six young girls dressed in red are sent out into a mysterious, Lynch-scented forest, to bring bread to their grandmother. However the girls are a bit too curious to stay on the path, and wolves are hiding in the woods, just waiting for little girls to go astray… Obviously the plot is based on the Little Red Riding Hood tale, which is the reason why we have become game nerds – the old fairytale has been twisted, analysed and messed up in all possible ways in our current work with Dorte Olesen – GONE HOME.

Play the Path – and go your own way!
♥ Fanclub